A Shuttle service connects the main Tourist Destinations in an easy and reliable way
in an easy and reliable way without hassles or worries.
The units are non-smoking, air-conditioned and carry few passengers.
carry few passengers. Its main advantage is its low price.
its name indicates, it is shared, the charge is per person and has a schedule.
a schedule. It should be booked as far in advance as possible;
when you are making your reservation you will receive an e-mail confirmation
confirmation e-mail with all the details of the transport.

Verifique su carpeta de correo no deseado y verifique si ingresó su
correo electrCheck your spam folder and verify that you have entered your email address correctly.
If this does not solve the problem, you can send us a WhatsApp and we will be happy to send you your email,
you can send us a WhatsApp and we will gladly send you your confirmation email.
confirmation email.ónico correctamente; Si esto no resuelve el problema,
puede enviarnos un WhatsApp y con gusto le enviaremos su correo
de confirmación.

To modify or cancel a reservation, please contact our customer service department.
customer service department.
Write us an email or send us a WhatsApp.

It is not necessary to print the confirmation of your reservation, our driver will arrive at your hotel
driver will arrive at your hotel as indicated on your confirmation.

If possible, you should contact us directly to see if your case applies.
case applies.

Su lugar de recogida será el restaurante Malinche justo afuera del aeropuerto en el lado derecho del área de llegadas, esto también se le indicará cuando haga su reservación. Tenga cuidado en el aeropuerto hay muchos vendedores en el pasillo; te recomendamos que no te detengas a hablar con ellos. Si por alguna razón no puede encontrar a nuestro representante, contáctenos por teléfono o correo electrónico.

If you are traveling from the Liberia airport (Daniel Oduber airport),
your pick-up location will be the Britt Café just outside the airport,
on the right side of the arrivals area. Your driver will have your
information and will identify himself with you.

Your driver arrives at the lobby or reception; he identifies himself and asks for your name.
your name; then he takes you to the vehicle, helping you with your bags.

There is no restroom on board the vehicles; however, one or two rest stops must be made along the way.
one or two rest stops must be made, these last about 15 minutes.
15 minutes, they are made in previously authorized restaurants.
authorized restaurants; in these rest stops you will always find restrooms.

We have direct routes and from time to time it will be necessary to make a connection.
a connection.
At the rest stop for passengers, the driver will let those passengers who need to connect
those passengers who need to make a connection to continue their trip, please make sure you have all your luggage continue their trip, please make sure you have all your luggage and personal belongings
personal belongings to leave the minibus; the driver will transfer your luggage to the
your luggage to the next vehicle.

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